Hotel El Balear (Alghero)
Hotel El Balear
Lungomare Dante, 32
07041 Alghero (SS) Italy
VAT r.n. IT 00360270904
CCIAA Sassari N. 63974
Share capital € 10.400,00
Phone nr.: +39 079975229
FAX: +39 079974847

ASSO CRAL Italia Bikers Hotel

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An ideal base from which to explore Alghero
and its beaches on foot or on two wheels

Aerial view of the hotel and the promenade
A short, traffic-free, stress-free stroll takes you
to the beach...the delicate poetry of the sunset
over the Capo Caccia promontory caresses you...
a 10-minute, panoramic saunter along the promenade leads you to the vibrant streets of the historical and commercial centre of Alghero

Hotel El Balear offers all this and more.
It is the perfect location in which to savour all
of the charm of Alghero, with no traffic and no queues.

The site of our hotel affords a wonderful panorama and makes for the ideal base for your holiday.
The benefits of the location include:

  • A small public beach close to the hotel (50 metres away), which is complemented
    by a cement diving platform on the cliffs opposite the hotel
  • Proximity to the oldest part of the town (just 400 metres away)
  • 3 km of uninterrupted cycle track from the Lungomare Dante (where the hotel is located)
    all the way to the main beaches of the northern coast
  • An enchanting sea view taking in everything right up to the promontory of Capo Caccia
  • Free parking for motorbikes and bicycles within the hotel's garden, and availability of free car parking spaces outside the hotel on the Lungomare Dante
  • Shuttle service with direct pick-up at the hotel to allow you to reach almost all of the city's beaches



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